pdf417_enc win32 binaries

This page has win32/Windows binaries for pdf417_enc, an open source PDF417 encoder. PDF417 is a high density 2D barcode symbology increasingly being used by airlines, parcel delivery companies and many other users. This is an easy and free way to make your own PDF417 barcodes/symbols on Windows (Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP - Vista untested). You can shell out to these binaries from pretty much any programming language, like Perl for example, making it easy to make PDF417 symbols from any programming environment.

- pdf417_enc_win32_bin.zip: contains two executables, pdf417_enc.exe, and pdf417_enc_gif.exe. The only difference between the two is that pdf417_enc_gif.exe supports GIF output.

pdf417_enc -t type infile outfile [nrows] [ncols] [ec_level]

Remember to always test that generated barcodes are readable by the scanners and other equipment you are using. Some scanners require that your barcode data ends in a newline.

See the pdf417_enc web site for more details.

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Source / compiling
(Most people won't need or want this - you only need to do this if, for some reason, you want to build your own binaries.) As pdf417_enc is released under the GPL, I am making the source used for building these binaries available:
- pdf417_enc.3.9.5_win32_src.zip
Note that the source is identical to the original pdf417_enc source - only the Makefile has been modified.

To build this you'll need:

To compile:
  1. Unzip the source code zip file.
  2. cd into the directory.
  3. To make an executable with GIF support, run make WANTGIF=1.
    To make an executable without GIF support, simply run make.

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